Virtual Consultations


What it is

From years of working with patients, as well as answering email and text messages from my friends, family, and peers, I know how many questions you all have. Many doctors are too busy during a typical office visit to answer questions or discuss research in great detail which is why I created this platform. I want to be a resource to you!

While I offer virtual follow-up options to my patients who have established care with me in Portland, ME, this resource is for clients who cannot travel to be seen in-person, and therefore, are not my considered patients. These consults are educational in nature only and not a substitute for proper medical care. Keep reading to learn more.

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How it works

What's in...

From anywhere around the globe, and from the privacy of your own home or office, we can chat by phone or internet to discuss any questions you may have about your health care or research related questions.

For example, I can:

  • Help you understand new or confusing diagnoses

  • Discuss recent lab findings

  • Clarify specific health care goals

  • Coach you through how to implement treatment recommendations from your doctor

  • Help clarify confusing research and source trusted medical information.

Many clients have questions about their reproductive health care options. I can offer information about the types of fertility support available, when to reach out for help, risk and benefits of each approach, and assist you in finding trusted resources.

I offer 40-minute and 60-minute online appointments for new and established clients, as well as 20-minute brief follow up appointments for established clients only. Please visit the scheduling page to find a time that works for you.



What's out...

I offer educational consults for patients who cannot travel to be seen in-person. These consults are educational in nature and meant to provide access to information regarding particular women's health conditions to those that do not have access to such information close to home. These consults are not a substitute for proper medical care. To better understand the PURPOSE of these visits, as well as their limitations, please see my FAQ page.

Think of the information shared in these consultations as the type of conversation you might have with a neighbor or close friend who is a doctor and researcher—you may ask for their input or ideas, but wouldn't expect them to diagnose or prescribe medication without being seen in their clinic first.



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